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Pre-Concentrate Pre-Dip

Recon Technologies Pre-Dip

ECActiv pre dip can be used in the following manners: Foaming, Spraying, Brushes, Dip-Cups, and Robotic Arms.

 ECActiv Pre-Dip Concentrate

ECActiv Pre-Dip has been used on large and small dairy herds across the US since 2010. It is now being used on more than 250,000 Dairy Cows in 12 states. Our pre-dip is delivered as a concentrate and mixed on site to the proper RTU levels.

The Recon Pre-Dip Concentrate is a versatile teat dip that can be applied in numerous ways

+ Foaming + Spraying + Brushes
+ Dip-Cups + Robotic Arms

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Quick Kill

ECActiv Pre-Dip Concentrate is a fast acting quick kill dip that gets teat ends cleaner, faster.



β€œAt least 10 times more efficient at killing harmful micro-organisms than commercial bleach, without the caustic corrosive, skin harming characteristics.” Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene: University of Wisconsin

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Cost Effective

Costs a fraction of Iodine and other comparable dips to help you save money and control your parlor costs.



ECActiv Pre-Dip Concentrate can be purchased by the gallon directly from one of our regional processing facilities for substantially less than you currently pay for dip. We will deliver it to you in 2, 5, 15, or 55 gallon drums or by 275 gallon totes. You can also produce your own ECActiv Pre-Dip Concentrate on-site for pennies on the gallon with one of our ECALogical Generating Systems. To find a Mid-West Recon facility near you visit our Contact Page or visit our Distributor Page for nationwide service and delivery.