Recon Technologies, LLC
Pre-Concentrate Pre-Dip
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About Recon Technologies

RECON Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer of ECALogical© generating machines and supplier of application specific additives for superior cleaning functions on agricultural related farm facilities.

About Recon

RECON Technologies, LLC is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been serving Dairy Producers since 2008. We started manufacturing ECALogical generating machines primarily for use in Water Treatment systems but have since learned the full range and value of
ECActiv Solutions:

TEAT-DIP - Highly effective & a fraction of the cost. Always fresh & always in stock.
PREMISE WASH - Affordable solution to keep your parlor clean & running smoothly.
CALF HUTCH CLEANER - Replace your existing cleaners with a cost effective alternative.
WATER TREATMENT - Injected into water system for cleaner water & improved flow.
DROP HOSES - Inject into drop hoses to keep your parlor equipment clean & free of debris.

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Recon has since grown into a service driven company that offers a variety of innovative, cost effective solutions for your parlor. We have a quality driven staff who care about saving Dairy Producers money, while still providing the highest quality products. That motto allows us to serve over 250,000 + dairy cows in 13 states. We sell direct to Dairy Producers in the Midwest and utilize a network of high quality distributors throughout the rest of the United States so that we can serve small and large herds alike.

To find out more about our Innovative Product line, please visit our Product page. If you are ready for your free on-site analysis and product trial, please visit our Contact page.